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Are you looking for a tactical light for Taurus PT 92? You’ve come to the right place. Find all the information about lights suited for the PT 92 containing pros, cons, reviews, links where you can buy them and information about tactical handgun lights in general. This article will tell you about the best handgun lights along with direct links to them, plus a summary of pros and cons of each individual light.

There are many handgun light brands such as Streamlight, Surefire, Aimkon, Inforce. These well-known brands offer options for all shooters that are looking for a tactical light accessory. Illumination of any dark area won’t be a problem while your Taurus PT 92 is packed with a tactical light.

Top 7 Taurus PT 92
Tactical Lights

1. StreamLight TLR-1 High Lumen Rail-Mounted Light (from $129)

The StreamLight TLR-1 High Lumen Rail-Mounted Rail for your Taurus PT 92 offers a HL Model light with maximum brightness. It’s made from 6000 series machined aircraft aluminium and packs 800 lumens. It weighs 4.2 ounces and the dimensions are 3.4 x 3 x 3 inches. The average battery life is 1.25 hours of constant light.

The pros of StreamLight TLR-1:

  • Easy to operate
  • Easy to install
  • Durable aluminium build
  • Easy to detach


2. StreamLight TLR-2 High Lumen Rail-Mounted Laser Light Combo

The StreamLight TLR-2 High Lumen Rail-Mounted Laser Light Combo for your Taurus PT 92 offers a HL Model light with maximum brightness. It’s made from 6000 series machined aircraft aluminium and packs 800 lumens. It weighs 1 pound and the dimensions are 3.4 x 3 x 3 inches. The average battery life is 1.25 hours of constant light. The benefit of it is the combination of a light and laser, which further enhances the tactical effectiveness of the setup.

The pros of Streamlight TLR-2:

  • Easy to operate
  • Combo with a laser
  • Long-range illumination
  • TIR optic w. intense beam


3. Surefire X300 Ultra Series LED WeaponLights with TIR Lens (From $228)

The Surefire X300 Ultra Series LED WeaponLights with TIR Lens for your {GUNNAMe} PT 92 is a reliable TIR optic tactical light. It is a rail-lock mounted light, made out of high-strength aerospace aluminium. The light packs 500 lumens. The dimensions are 3.6 x 4 x 3 inches. The TIR lens allows adequate peripheral vision. It has an easy-to-use one-finger touch system that makes it easy to engage or disengage the flashlight.

The pros of Surefire X3000:

  • Energy efficient LED
  • TIR Lens
  • Universal rail-mount
  • 500 lumens brightness


4. StreamLight TLR-4 Compact Green Laser Light Combo (From $124)

The TLR-4 for your Taurus {GUNMODEL }is made from airplane-worthy machined aluminum and further treated to improve durability and length of life. This is a compact and lightweight model that will not bog you down with extra weight, yet still provides a high quality, clear, and ultra bright light when you need it. It can be attached or removed with one and boasts a one-touch on/off switch for easy use once on the weapon. It utilizes a C4 LED high powered light to allow for superior quality and enhanced range of sight. This model also boasts a Laser sight which can be used on its own or in combination with the LED light.

The pros of StreamLight TLR-4:

  • Extra durable
  • Lightweight model
  • One touch on/off switch
  • Laser/light combo


5. StreamLight TLR-6 Tactical Light With Red Laser (From $92)

The TLr-6 Tactical Light With Red Laser for your Taurus PT 92 The TLR-6 is another high quality rail-mounted tactical flashlight that is suitable for a wide range of different pistols and handguns, we can say it is one of the best lights for Glock. As with all Streamlight products, the TLR-6 is made from the highest quality machined aluminum that is designed to withstand a variety of condition as well as the test of time. This is a LED/red laser combo that offers three different modes of use: LED only, red laser only, or a combination of the two.

The pros of StreamLight TLR-6:

  • Extra durable
  • Light / red laser combo
  • 100 lumens, 90 meters brightness
  • Easy to operate


6. Viridian X5L Green Laser Sight and Tac Light (From $194)

The LED light uses 178 lumens, allowing you to easily view potential threats and your surroundings. Along with being a powerful tactical flashlight, the X5L is programmed with a strobe light mode to disorient attackers. The X5L is built with our Instant-On technology.Effective for both sport and training, and self-defense, the Viridian XL5 is the leader in tactical lights and laser sights.

The pros of Viridian X5L Green Laser Sight and Tac Light:

  • 178 Lumens of bright light
  • Easy activation
  • Longevity
  • Universal mounting system


7. Inforce APLc (From $118)

Inforce APLc for your Taurus PT 92 is a polymer built small tactical light that you can attach to any rail. It has a paddle activation system which is easy to reach for both hands and has a nice and ergonomic texture. It has 200 lumens of bright light. The runtime is 1.5 hours and it runs on one CR2 batery.

The pros of Inforce APLc:

  • Paddle activation
  • Lightweight build
  • Bright 400 lumens
  • Easy to use


8. The list doesn’t end here
Other Taurus PT 92 mounted lights

Popular Taurus
Light Brands


If you are looking for advice on tactical light brands for your Taurus PT 92 take a look at our review of the best light brands on the market. The links below lead to the best manufacturers that are available on the market, product-wise and price-wise.



Streamlight is a company located in Eagleville, Pennsylvania, USA that manufactures flashlights powered by various rechargeable and disposable batteries. Apart from rail mounted lasers they also feature hand-held lasers.Several of their products utilize dual sources, combining the long life of LED lamps with more powerful but shorter-lived conventional incandescent lamps. They also produce a series of Laser Illuminators such as the TLR-2 which is a combination LED weapon light and laser. Check out the offer for your Taurus PT 92 below.



SureFire, LLC. is an American company based in Fountain Valley, California. Their main products are flashlights, headlamps, weapon-mounted lights and laser sights. In addition, Surefire makes knives, sound suppressors, Picatinny Rails and batteries. The company is a major supplier of flashlights to the U.S. Armed Forces. Surefire products are commonly used in the US by law enforcement agencies. Check out the offer for your Taurus PT 92 below.

Check Out Surefire
At Amazon


Viridian Green Laser Sight manufactures green lasers for handguns, it’s their speciality and they don’t offer red lasers. Viridian is a supplier of the military, law enforcement and also civilian users - offering high end quality for all. Viridian laser sights have 5 mW beam intensities (Class IIIa), and all models have ambidextrous activation and are constructed of 6061 Aircraft Grade Aluminum and Zytel polymer.[2] In 2013, Viridian introduced their new Reactor 5 laser model, which is a trigger guard laser for popular subcompact pistols. And the good thing about Viridian is that the amount of lasers in the aftermarket allows you to grab yours relatively easily. Check out the offer for your Taurus PT 92 below.

Check Out Viridian
At Amazon



Inforce is a company that specialises in tactical lights. They offer rifle/carbine lights, that have an intensity of up to 800 lumens for a timespan of 2 hours, they offer pistol lights that have a runtime of 1.5 hours with 400 lumens and last but not least, they offer hand-held TFx lights that are lightweight and can light up to 700 lumens. Check out the offer for your Taurus PT 92 below.

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At Amazon

Tactical Mounted Light Basics


The very basic of why you should get yourself a tactical light for your Taurus PT 92 is very simple - it’s illumination. This can be beneficial in terms of self defense or any type of carry. Professionals, such as soldiers or LE officers often have experience with tactical lights and know their benefits. So why not join them and bask in the illuminating light of tactical lights.

Let’s face it. The chances of you having to draw your handgun in self defense are slightly higher in the night or just in darkness. Your self-defense experience can be enhanced by various tactical lights. Let the bad guy know that you can see him and that the best part is, that the muzzle is pointing in the same spot as the light. You don’t have to rely on the tactical light, but it may just give you some empowerment knowing that no darkness is dark enough for you.

Advantage of Brightness

The pros of Taurus PT 92 tactical lights can be summed into 4 points. Let’s break them down.


A bright and luminous light extends your natural handgun range and sight. You get a much clearer picture of your surroundings and gain the ability to track your target with a flash of light. This is particularly true if you are using your weapon in a wooded area or one that is not subject to a lot of light pollution. Clear, high-quality light provides a more clear sight path with few fuzzy areas or areas of excessive shadow that can make it difficult to hone in on a target or potential threat.

Illumination In Times Of Need

When you find yourself in any dark are, no matter if any threat or danger is present, the light from your tactical flashlight can be life saving. If the need is bigger, you can use the light from the flashlight to alert your presence. Or just light your way through thick forests without any paths. The brightest flashlights will emit the longest and strongest streams of light which will make it easier for rescue personnel or family members to ascertain your location. Think outside the box and use your light smart.

Bright Light - Weapon Itself

If you don’t want to use deadly force you can use your Taurus PT 92 tactical light to stun your target or to threaten him without the need of any physical activity. There are some incredibly bright lights currently available on the marketplace. Most shooters know that non-lethal ways of stunning or running off a potential threat are far preferable to using deadly force. When you choose one of the brighter models of the flashlight, you can use this to stun or temporarily blind a potential intruder or danger.

Enhancing your capabilities

The market now is overwhelmed with state of the art technologies that every shooter can utilise for himself/herself. That means that military-grade materials and technologies can be put under the barrel. The newest and brightest models have been employed and recommended by many law enforcement and military personnel, giving you the peace of mind that if they work to protect and aid these types of heroes, it can also be trusted to protect your family and your home. Technology is improving at such a fast rate and these accessories keep getting brighter, more efficient, lighter, thus enhancing their utility further.

Pistol-Mounted vs. Hand-Held Tactical Lights

There are various options for your tactical light needs. Most come down to two main categories. Pistol-mounted and hand-held. Find out more about them in the article below.

Pros of pistol-mounted lights for Taurus PT 92

Pistol-mounted lights for Taurus PT 92 are probably a more common and more tactical choice. They are attached to a ramp (rail) of your handgun and often are turned on and off very simply, with a finger. Plus, there are a lot of self attached lights that don’t need any complicated mounting. A big plus of rail-mounted lights is that you don’t need additional coordination training as the light always points where the muzzle points. You can manipulate with your handgun without the need of manipulating with your non-dominant hand. This can be beneficial in situations where you have only on hand available.

Tactical lights are affordable and easy to find. Have in mind that lights require batteries. And the brighter the light the more power it needs. Most of lights often use 2 types of batteries. AA and CR123. AA batteries usually have a 1.5 V voltage. CR123 batteries also have a usual 1.5 V voltage and differ only in the chemical elements powering them, so it’s basically the same.

Best Hand-held lights for Taurus PT 92

Hand-held lights for Taurus PT 92 are especially useful in a number of situations. If you don’t want to end up searching for a custom holster for your rail-mounted light, then the choice of hand-held lights is a great one. Do you remember all the cool cop movies, where they aimed their gun at the bad guy while at the same time illuminating him/her with a flashlight? If you do then know, that this was not only a hollywood trick.

A flashlight can easily fit in your pocket and become a part of your EDC and you can use the benefits of it only in the time of need. There is also no need of getting used to a different weight of your handgun, as a rail-mounted flashlight puts additional weight on the barrel and might affect your aim. And if you just need to light your path in a dark alley or forest you don’t have to draw your weapon and be, well, be the guy that uses his gun as a flashlight.

But beware that hand-held lights require practice. If you find yourself in a high stress or tenuous situation, having something that requires grace and skill is not exactly ideal. For people who have a lot of practice, there can be a preference for a hand-held light as you have more flexibility in where you can aim it and still have your weapon pointed at a target.

Fenix PD35 Tac Tactical Edition Flashlight (From $72)

The Fenix PD35 Tac Tactical Edition Flashlight is one of the best flashlights you can get. Its five and a half inches long and fits in your pocket, the little tool can get up to 1,000 lumens and has different light modes that you can utilize indoors or outdoors.

Streamlight ProTac HL USB (From $84)

The Streamlight ProTac HL USB is a fan favorite EDC flashlight that won't let you down even in tough situations, it’s one of the best and brightest flashlights on the market. The best part about the Streamlight ProTac HL is that it can be recharged on the go via any USB charging device and the included USB charging cord. 3 different output settings deliver between 85 and 850 lumens of light and between an hour and a half and 12 hours of run time.

Smith Wesson MP12 Tactical Flashlight (From $41)

The Smith Wesson MP12 Tactical Flashlight offers great battery-saving vs luminosity ratio. Iow-output mode will give you 43 lumens and just shy of 3 hours of run time, while a click on and off tail cap switch ensures quick and efficient operation with one hand.

How To Install
Taurus PT 92 Tactical Lights


Installing your Taurus PT 92 may seem hard, but actually is not. This small guide will help you understand the basics needed for a proper installation. As usual, always read the instructions from your tactical light supplier first and then look for guidance on the internet.

Safety First:

Before you begin doing any sort of cleaning, maintenance, upgrade, or repairs to your weapon, be sure that you remove any ammunition and only work on unloaded weapons. Many people will read this warning and roll their eyes, but there are too many preventable injuries and even fatalities that result from someone working on a loaded weapon. No matter how much experience you have with a firearm, double check every time to ensure that is unloaded before proceeding.

Clear The Rail:

Before installing any accessory to a firearm, you want to ensure that you are working with a clean, debris-free surface. Using patches or even a light rag along with sterile alcohol, gently clean the rail mount and allow it to dry for a few minutes.

Install the Battery Into the Flashlight:

Before you even mount the light, it is recommended that you install the battery. To do this, you need to twist the bulb assembly at the end of the flashlight. Once the top is removed, you will see the place where you place the AA or CR123 batteries. Remember to gently replace the bulb assembly and do not over-tighten or you may cause threading.

Preparing the Mounting:

You will want to use an Allen wrench for this part of the installation process. Here, you will use the including mounting by placing it on the front rail of the weapon and wrenching it firmly into place. Again, it is important that you do not over tighten the mounting assembly.

Attaching the Flashlight:p>

Again, you will use an Allen wrench for this final step in the installation process. You will need to loosen the mounting bolt on the recently attached mount. Then, position the flashlight onto the mount before tightening it into place. Once again, you want to take care, not to over tighten the flashlight assembly. It is simple and takes just a few minutes to properly install a weapon-mounted flashlight, but it should be noted that they do require some regular maintenance just as any other accessory.

Taurus PT 92
Laser Batteries

Your Taurus PT 92 laser will only work properly if you have proper batteries for it. Each respective laser requires specific batteries in order to function properly and for a long period of time. So while you shop for your PT 92 laser be sure to pay attention to the batteries used.

Taurus PT 92 Tactical Light
Training Books


One of the key things to remember is regular and repeated practice. Taurus PT 92 laser training is best practiced while being supervised by a professional, be it on the range or anywhere else. If you can’t afford a specialist you can always find good resources in books. Tactical training books and how to’s are one step in your way of training. Yes, you can find loads of articles online, but a book is tough to beat.

Own the Night: Selection and Use of Tactical Lights and Laser Sights

Get The Book
At Amazon

This book covers the basics of handgun light training. It is an almanac for every responsible gun owner that wants to improve their aim with a light. The books covers the instructions very well, but you have to pay attention that it was published in 2009 so some of the technical and model-specific information may be outdated.


Mod your Taurus PT 92 with these accessories

Choose from various modifications for your Taurus PT 92, including holsters, parts, sights, magazines, grips, lasers, lights and cleaning utilities.

Taurus PT 92 lights

Lights for Taurus PT 92

When you find yourself in a dark environment along with your Taurus PT 92, it’s good to have an option of lighting the area around you. You can have more options with lights for your handgun. Either a handheld or a gun mounted one. Each of which have their pros and cons and vary in shape, batteries and lights. Check article below about light options for your Taurus PT 92.