Taurus 455 Tracker Cleaning

Cleaning types

Do you sometimes ask how to clean your Taurus 455 Tracker? You should, your 455 Tracker can have many attributes, but foremost it’s a tool. Read more about Taurus 455 Tracker cleaning below.

Top 5 Taurus 455 Tracker
cleaning Kits

1. Real Avid Pro Pack (from $29)

Real Avid Pro Pack cleaning kit for your Taurus 455 Tracker packs the essentials that are necessary for gun cleaning. It provides the gun cleaning kit, the craper and the field guide. That means you’ve got everything you need to thoroughly clean your Taurus 455 Tracker. The scrapper works magic on the bolt, firing pin, bolt carrier and cam pin. The field guide is always there, it’s oil and solvent resistant. And the quality brass rod has 7 sections and extends to 33 inches.

The pros of Real Avid Pro:

  • All In One Package
  • Durable Materials
  • Smart Details
  • Cost-effective


2. Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit (From $104)

The Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit for your Taurus 455 Tracker is a very versatile kit that you can use on rifles and pistols from .17 to .50 calibers plus common shotgun gauges. Plus the cream of the crop is that it works also on inline muzzle loaders. The kit is designed to work with a wide variety of firearms. .

The pros of Otis Elite Gun Cleaning Kit:

  • Bore and chamber brushes are high quality bronze
  • Kit contains more than 36 cleaning components
  • Two 5 oz tubes of Otis Ultra-Bore solvent
  • Durable carrying case


3. Ohuhu 28pcs Universal (From $17)

As the title says, the Ohuhu kit for your Taurus 455 Tracker contains 28 pieces that will cover all your gun cleaning needs. It can clean any common barrel size and types. The pricing vs. the quality is very reasonable so this kit is the golden mean of gun cleaning.

The pros of Ohuhu 28pcs Universal:

  • Perfect if you own more firearms
  • Sleek, durable aluminium case
  • About the price of a T-shirt
  • 10 different size brushes


4. Allen Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit (From $43)

Allen is a 65 piece professional kit for your Taurus 455 Tracker. It has basically all the things you need for all the guns you have. You can easily clean pistols, rifles and shotguns. The kit contains a full array of cleaning accessories including brass jags, brass slotted tips, muzzle guard picks, brushes and more. The patches are made of 100% cotton.

The pros of Allen Ultimate Gun Cleaning Kit :

  • 65 piece kit
  • Cotton patches
  • Multiple uses
  • Hard case


5.Hoppe’s No. 9 Deluxe (From $37)

If you want a deluxe cleaning kit for your Taurus 455 Tracker be sure to look at Hoppe’s no.9. It’s a fully fleshed out luxury kit for owners of multiple firearms. This is an all-purpose kit that includes a generous amount of Hoppes no.9 solvent and the outstanding lubricating oil that Hoppes offers.

The pros of Hoppe’s No. 9 Deluxe:

  • Guide to Gun Care guide included
  • A lot of #9 solvent
  • Ball bearing swivel on the rod to conform to the barrel’s rifling
  • High quality wood carrying case


6. The list doesn’t end here
even more Taurus 455 Tracker cleaning kits

Popular Taurus
Cleaning Brands


If you are looking for advice on professional cleaning kits for your Taurus 455 Tracker take a look at our review of the best brands on the market. The links below lead to the best manufacturers that are available on the market, product-wise and price-wise.


Real Avid

Real Avid provides the common gun owner with all the means to clean his or hers firearms. From handguns to rifles and shotguns, Real avid provides either single pieces of cleaning equipment or cleaning kits. Be sure to check them out.



Otis can provide all the essentials for your gun cleaning endeavour. Bore cleaners, cleaning patches or custom professional cleaning kits. Be sure to check them out.

Check Out Otis
At Amazon



Ohuhu is a company that covers all your outdoor and gun cleaning needs. They provide equipment for trekking, camping and all sorts of outdoors and also provide great cleaning kits. Be sure to check them out.

Check Out Ohuhu
At Amazon



Allen cleaning kits and products from Allen will be a helpful addition to your gun cleaning collection. They've got small and large cleaning kits and also single pieces of cleaning equipment. Be sure to check them out.

Check Out Allen
At Amazon



The legendary Hoppes provides gun owners with proifessional care for their handguns. Who doesn't know their #9. Hoppes can provide you with large or small claning kits as well as equipment that will keep your handgun clean and prepared. Check them out.

Check Out Hoppes
At Amazon

Top 5 [best] Taurus 455 Tracker
Cleaning Solvents

You know, not all kits come with solvents. And if some kits come with lesser ones, there is always a chance to up your game with a better solvent. So read below and find out which ones are the best ones for your Taurus 455 Tracker

1. No. 9 Hoppes Gun Cleaner - The best bore cleaner for your Taurus 455 Tracker(From $8.23)

The one you probably know. Hoppe’s No. 9 is the most widely used remover of powder, lead, metal fouling and rust. And you can easily use it for your Taurus 455 Tracker. One of my favorite things about this bore cleaner is the smell. It’s probably one of my favorite smelling oils of all the cleaning solvents on this list. The main use for the Hoppe’s bore cleaner is to use with a boresnake. Boresnakes are not included in gun cleaning kits but they are essential for cleaning your gun quickly. After you fire your gun you should use a boresnake with some of Hoppe’s bore cleaner. This is called a quick clean and only takes about a minute.

2. Break-Free - The best Gun Cleaner spray for your Taurus 455 Tracker (From $14.00)

Over the years we’ve tested just about every CLP looking for the best gun cleaner spray and many people swear by the Break Free CLP and say that it’s the best gun cleaning aerosol spray that they have ever used. Break free comes in either aerosol spray cans or spray bottles. Most people prefer the aerosol spay with the little straw on the end, to target individual spots. This CLP has a very high weather tolerance and works in all conditions, which is probably why it’s become so popular.

3. Hoppe’s no. 9 - Best Gun Cleaner Lubricant For Your Taurus 455 Tracker (From $7.69)

Hoppe’s again. Well, this is the best one that you can find on amazon, which is rated by the number of happy customers, so we can assume that it’s the best choice for your Taurus 455 Tracker. If you are asking - what makes it so great, the answer is: An advanced oil especially designed for the modern firearm. Provides a barrier against moisture and corrosion. Also works great on fishing reels and other mechanisms. Superior lubrication and protection to all areas of your firearm reducing the wear and tear caused by friction.

4. Tetra - Best Gun Grease for your Taurus 455 Tracker (From $9.45)

When storing your firearm after cleaning you want to use the best gun grease to preserve it for a long time. When you purchase a new firearm often times you will find that it has a light coat of grease on all of the metal parts. This helps to prevent corrosion that can build up while on the shelf in the store. If the gun is in the original box you can assume it’s been greased by the manufacturer. Most gun stores will decrease the gun before selling it.

5. Pro-Shot - Best Needle Oiler CLP For Your Taurus 455 Tracker (From $8.82)

Many people like to include a needle oiler in their gun cleaning kit. This is the best needle oiler we could find and it was a tough pick between this and hoppe’s. But we are getting tired of putting all of hoppe’s products on our list, so we thought we would check the competition. For the most part, people can’t tell the difference between this and the hoppe’s, other than the price difference. This one is slightly less expensive and has a nice red liquid and better needle.

Cleaning Rods for your Taurus 455 Tracker

The reason why many of the gun cleaning kits get complaints is usually due to the poor quality of the cleaning rods that come with the kit. Obviously, a 32” one piece carbon fiber cleaning rod isn’t going to fit into a 8” case. This is why most gun cleaning kits come with 3-piece cleaning rods, which many people don’t like due to their tendency to bend and often times break.

Selection Of The Best Taurus 455 Tracker
Cleaning Rods (From $6.00)

The gun cleaning rod is perhaps the most important part of any gun cleaning kit. Therefore, you will want to use the best gun cleaning rod possible to clean your firearms. While looking at just about every gun cleaning kit on the market, we found that many of the rods were not very high quality and found many complaints about them bending or breaking.

Bore Snakes For Your Taurus 455 Tracker

Be sure to check out bore snakes for your Taurus 455 Tracker and keep your gun always clean.

Selection Of The Best Taurus 455 Tracker
Bore Snakes (From $14.00)

The bore snake consists of four sections. A brass weight slips through the barrel. A First floss area removes foreign particles prior to the scrubbing of the bursh. The bore brush has bronze bristles and loosens hard deposits and the main floss are provides much more are than a standard patch.

The Importance Of Cleaning Your Taurus 455 Tracker


Your Taurus 455 Tracker is a tool. Like any other tool, it should be maintained properly as needed. If there is any dirt, mud or any damage that can cause a gun won't work properly, you can have a serious problem. You are betting your life on the gun working when you pull the trigger. The more care you take about your gun, the safer and reliable it works. If you carry your gun a lot, even if you haven’t shot it much, it should be cleaned, lubricated, and function-checked at least once every three months as while carrying, a gun is exposed to body oils, sweat, dirt, dust, lint, moisture, etc. for each and every handgun you own, you should read the owner’s manual for specific disassembly, reassembly, lubrication and cleaning instructions. Let’s find out why your Taurus 455 Tracker needs cleaning.

Cleaning and maintenance of your Taurus 455 Tracker can be summed up into 3 main reasons:

  • 1. Longevity
  • 2. Personal Gun Knowledge
  • 3. Safety & Reliability


Do you want your Taurus 455 Tracker to last decades instead of years? Then you must clean it. If your friend has a rifle that is great-great grandfather carried in the swamps of Flanders then you must know, that he takes care of it and does not leave it laying around in his basement. A simple cleaning, oiling and storing the gun in a case or safe can preserve it for a long time. Keep in mind, guns with wooden inserts, handles or stocks will take some extra care. Depending on the type of wood, you can use a wax or sometimes a polish just like you would on your wooden furniture.

Personal Gun Knowledge

It’s simple. The more times you disassemble your Taurus 455 Tracker into pieces the more you know how it works, how the part works etc. You get to know your gun from the inside. It may seem hard at the beginning but practice makes perfect and soon you will be able to understand what a skilled gunsmith is talking about. You will also know the wonders of lubrication. It needs a lot of practice to know the right amount. Overlubrication can lead to failure to fire or failure to eject, so you have to be precise with it.

Safety and reliability

Do you know what you should do after you finish firing your Taurus 455 Tracker ? You should clean it. It prolongs the life of the firearm and increases the most important matter - safety and reliability. You know, if you are in a threatening situation the last thing you want is a malfunctioning firearm. So keep this in mind and clean, clean, clean.

How To [Completely] Clean Your Taurus 455 Tracker In 9 Steps

1. Get A Cleaning Kit

This is obvious we know, but let’s just say you really don’t know how to. So a pre-assembled kit is where you start. A basic cleaning kit includes:

  • Cleaning solvent
  • Lubricant, or gun oil
  • A bore brush
  • A patch holder and patches
  • Cleaning rod
  • A nylon cleaning brush
  • Flashlight
  • Cotton swabs
  • Microfiber cloths for polishing
  • Now that you’ve got a kit you can continue with the process.

    2. Unload your gun

    Another obvious step but there is never enough gun safety reminders. Unload your Taurus {GUMODEL} and make sure that the gun is empyu and safe.

    3. Disassemble your gun as much as the manufacturer recommends

    Your Taurus 455 Tracker comes with a user manual so check it for information on recommended disassembly and follow the instructions. This lets you access all the parts that became dirty from gun use.

    4. Ventilate your area

    You want to keep your Taurus 455 Tracker to be clean but at the same time your lungs to be clean. Solvent fumes are noxious and can make you sick. Likewise, the solvent and lubricant used just flat-out smell foul if you try to clean your guns indoors, so keep your family happy and don't stink up the joint. Cover your work surface with plastic bags, newspaper, or old towels you've saved for the purpose. Head out to the garage and put the door up, or clean your guns on a bright and dry day to get them cleaned properly.

    5. Clean out the barrel with cleaning rod and patches

    Soak the bore, or inside of the barrel, using a cleaning rod, patch holder and the right size cotton patches for your gun. Work from the back of the bore if you can. If not, use a muzzle guard. The muzzle guard keeps the cleaning rod from banging against the muzzle, which can cause your gun to malfunction. To thoroughly clean the barrel out, push a solvent-soaked patch through the bore until it exits the other end. Remove the patch, don't pull it back through. Pulling it back through will just redeposit all the gunk you clean off.

    6. Alternate the bore brush and patches to thoroughly scrub the barrel

    Remove the patch holder and attach the bore brush. Run the bore brush back and forth along the full length of the bore 3 or 4 times to loosen any debris. Next, reattach the patch holder and run solvent-soaked cotton patches through the bore. Remove them when they exit the front. Repeat this process until a patch comes out clean. Run one more dry patch through to dry it out and inspect it closely for any build-up you may have missed.

    7. Lubricate the barrel

    Attach the cotton mop to the cleaning rod. Apply a few drops of gun conditioner or lubricant to the cotton mop and run it through the bore to leave a light coating of gun oil on the inside.

    8. Clean and lubricate the action with solvent

    Apply solvent to the gun brush and brush all parts of the action. Wipe them dry with a clean cloth. Next, lubricate the moving parts of the action lightly. A light coating helps prevent rust. A heavy coating gets gummy and attracts debris, so only use a small amount.

    9. Wipe down the rest of your Taurus 455 Tracker with a cloth.

    This is a flannel cloth that comes pre-treated with a silicone lubricant. It will remove any remaining debris, including acid from fingerprints, and add shine. If you don't have a particular cloth designated for cleaning guns, old t-shirts and pairs of socks work really well for the purpose. Use something you've got lying around and won't need to reuse.

    Top 3 Taurus 455 Tracker
    Cleaning & Maintenance Books


    One of the key things to remember is regular and repeated practice. Taurus 455 Tracker cleaning is best practiced while being supervised by a professional, be it on the range or anywhere else. If you can’t afford a specialist you can always find good resources in books. Cleaning related books and how to’s are one step in your way of training. Yes, you can find loads of articles online, but a book is tough to beat.

    1. Gun Owner's Handbook: A Complete Guide To Maintaining And Repairing Your Firearms--In The Field Or At Your Workbench (From $13.00)

    Get The Book
    At Amazon

    A gun is only as good as its owner, and far too many are poorly maintained and serviced, even when brought to "professionals." For the serious hunter and gun owner, The Gun Owner's Handbook takes the mystery out of gun maintenance. Author Larry Lyons covers every aspect of this crucial part of gun ownership, and brings his years of experience to bear on topics from daily maintenance to trickier technical matters.

    2. Gun Digest Book of Gun Care: Cleaning & Refinishing, Book 1: Handguns (The How, When and Why of Proper Maintenance: Revolvers, Autoloaders, Blackpower Handguns) (From $9.18)

    Get The Book
    At Amazon

    This is an older publication from 1985 but packs all the needed information of the basics of cleaning and maintenance of any firearms. Be sure to update your info with the latest products but keep this old timey knowledge at your side.

    3. Shooter's Bible Guide to Firearms Assembly, Disassembly, and Cleaning (From $18.07)

    Get The Book
    At Amazon

    Shooter's Bible, the most trusted source on firearms, is here to bring you a new guide with expert knowledge and advice on gun care. Double-page spreads filled with photos and illustrations provide manufacturer specifications on each featured model and guide you through disassembly and assembly for rifles, shotguns, handguns, and muzzleloaders. Step-by-step instructions for cleaning help you to care for your firearms safely. Never have a doubt about proper gun maintenance when you own the Shooter's Bible Guide to Firearms Assembly, Disassembly, and Cleaning, a great companion to the original Shooter's Bible.


    Mod your Taurus 455 Tracker with these accessories

    Choose from various modifications for your Taurus 455 Tracker, including holsters, parts, sights, magazines, grips, lasers, lights and cleaning utilities.

    Taurus 455 Tracker cleaning

    Cleaning for Taurus 455 Tracker

    Your Taurus 455 Tracker needs cleaning every once in awhile. A while being a short period of time, because the more you keep your gun clean the less it may malfunction on you in the time of need. Cleaning can be done with the help of cleaning kits that provide everything necessary for this process. Check article below about options for cleaning your Taurus 455 Tracker.