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Taurus PT 90 TWO

The Taurus PT 90 TWO, as well as other handgun types, can be upgraded with accessories as well as have gun parts replaced. The market with gun parts is wide and there are many options for purchasing. Either in bulks, sets or separately. The options for your Taurus PT 90 TWOinclude sights, slide stops, barrels, triggers, cylinders, hammers, muzzles, trigger guards etc. All of those can be divided in broad categories: Action Parts, Barrel Parts, Books & Videos, Frame Parts, Grip Parts, Recoil Parts, Safety Parts, Sights, Slide Parts and Trigger Group Parts.

Don't just sit around thinking of what parts you may choose to switch, follow the links below and do it. If you're looking for quality parts, we recommend checking offer of Taurus parts at Amazon, or at Brownells as it is one of most trusted marketplaces with wide range of parts and accessories.

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Taurus PT 90 TWO
Parts Modifications

Neon Sights For Your Taurus PT 90 TWO

The simplest and one of the most useful part upgrade for your Taurus PT 90 TWO is a sight upgrade. Although this is not a specialised article about it, the basis stays the same - there are numerous options and the best place to find them is here.

Custom Grips For Your Taurus PT 90 TWO

This is a great choice if you are looking for two things, more comfort and an outstanding look. So improve your shooting and improve your gun swag with custom Taurus PT 90 TWO by following the link below.

Compensator For Your Taurus PT 90 TWO

A compensator can help reduce recoil on the gun by adding weight as well as redirecting the muzzle blast upwards, combating the back force of the slide/recoil.

Slide Porting For Your Taurus PT 90 TWO

Porting your slide reduces the weight of the gun. This reduces recoil and helps the gun cycle faster.

Polished Barrel For Your Taurus PT 90 TWO

This is a smaller improvement, but it can definitely make a difference in the overall shooting experience. Not only will it make your barrel look nice and shiny, but having a polished barrel, especially the feed ramp, can decrease the chances of a jam or ejection failure. It’s a very simple procedure to keep in mind.

Silencer For Your Taurus PT 90 TWO

Before you check some awesome silencer be sure that they are legal in your state. While a compensator generally makes the gun louder, a silencer will do the opposite. However, some high quality suppressors can reduce the recoil of even the most nasty of guns and make them feel like a .22 plinker!.

Custom Parts For Taurus PT 90 TWO
A Good Idea?

You might ask if it’s good to modify a handgun that was sent to you from a producer. Or better, why to modify it when it’s 100% made by Taurus. Well the obvious reason is that no two shooters are the same and what is perfect for one might be not so perfect for the other. Sometimes you just need to enhance the performance and buying a new custom grip for your Taurus PT 90 TWO is always cheaper than buying a new gun. Now, we’re not trying to persuade you to be Tacti-cool or anything like that, this is just a tip for all people searching for performance improvement and maybe a slight little gun swag improvement.

If you decide to purchase any new custom parts, make sure that you have two things clear. The first is that you should always know your limitations in terms of gunsmithing. If you are able to do the change yourself go for it, but always remember that a small failure in your gunsmithing endeavour may result in tragedy. We strongly recommend visiting a trusty gunsmith even with the smallest modifications as that person has years of experience and a transparent portfolio of work done. But as always, it’s up to you. If you are skilled enough then just delve into modifications for your Taurus PT 90 TWO.

The second thing you must remember is gun safety. Make sure that the gun is safe and then check it once and twice. There is never enough gun safety in the room. This is true for gunsmithing at your place or if you are taking your handgun to a professional gunsmith. Check it and make sure it’s safe.

The variety of the market is as wide as the variety of the gun market. There are modifications available that not only upgrade how the gun works, which is the main aim of the market, there are numerous part modifications that also make your Taurus PT 90 TWO look better. And the saying that beauty is in the eye of the beholder may be true, but let's be honest, when you protect and defend the life of you or the ones around you, you might just do it with a gun that looks better than the average one. All thanks to gun parts. These parts can be changed to improve gun experience, to modify the gun or just to do the necessary work to upgrade your handgun. You are entitled to have the right to bear arms that are upgraded, look better and serve better so don't forget to execute those rights.

While dismantling your handgun proceed with caution, the gun has been manufactured by skilled professionals and unless you are one of them, it’s better to go to a professional to have the work done for you. The risk is high. You can compromise not only the function of the gun, which is very bad itself, but what is more important, you can harm yourself very badly thanks to a bad part that you inserted into your Taurus PT 90 TWO. So please proceed with caution and under the direct supervision of a professional, or just give it to the guy that knows how it's done. If you want parts for your Taurus PT 90 TWO read more.

Best Taurus PT 90 TWO
Concealed Carry Modifications

Some of the mods for your Taurus PT 90 TWO are useful on the range and some of the mods are useful for concealed carry. The purpose of these custom part modifications is to enhance the safety and self-defense spectrum of your handgun and thus providing you with a more reliable handgun.

1. Taurus PT 90 TWO Trigger Spring Update

An aftermarket trigger or a trigger spring replacement makes your shooting experience much better, it eliminates reasons for most of the complaints about trigger. A stiff trigger, a trigger creep, a hard pull on the trigger. You can install only the spring or install a whole new trigger.

2. Taurus PT 90 TWO Match Grade Magazines

This modification won’t change your gun at all. Insufficient lubrication and faulty magazine springs and followers are often the case of mag failures. A match grade mag eliminates this and you will have a better feeling while defending yourself.

3. Taurus PT 90 TWO Night Sights

While not all handguns have the option for a night sight, either a laser one on the rail or a front and rear replacement, most of handguns used for concealed carry have this option and you should definitely go for it. Low light enhancement has saved many lives and can also aid you in the time of need.

Top 5 Taurus PT 90 TWO
Gunsmithing Books [You Need To Read]

If you are planning to take up gunsmithing in your free time you should definitely find sources in these books. Sometimes the internet is a helpful thing, but the best start is in books. Find out more about Taurus PT 90 TWO gun smithing with the help of.

1.Practical Gunsmithing (From $10.48)

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An essential reference for everyone interested in guns, this complete reference shows how to repair, improve, customize, and alter firearms. Complete troubleshooting information about problems such as misfiring and feeding and extraction failures is provided, along with tips for mounting a scope, fitting grips, and more.

2. Professional Gunsmithing: A Textbook On The Repair And Alteration Of Firearms (From $14.31)

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At Amazon

Professional Gunsmithing: A Textbook On The Repair And Alteration Of Firearms. With Detailed Notes And Suggestions Relative To The Equipment And Operation Of A Commercial Gunshop. Howe's book is intended as an inspirational source as well as a technical guide to the student who is anxious to study gunsmithing but has been led to believe it is a craft that can only be mastered by old world teaching methods. Howe's work remains a valuable teaching tool to this day. Profusely illustrated with over one hundred drawings and illustrations.

3. Advanced Gunsmithing: A Manual of Instruction in the Manufacture, Alteration, and Repair of Firearms (From $12.62)

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This book is a classic in the gunsmithing world, and the edition presented here is a 2015, Skyhorse Publishing reprint of the original 1940 version. Many consider this volume to be a collector’s item as well as a practical learning tool. The book is a substantial read at 448 pages and will likely be used as a reference tool by most.

4. Gunsmithing Pistols And Revolvers (From $30.04)

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Patrick Sweeney has written a multitude of gunsmithing articles in periodicals such as Handguns Magazine. He has also authored a number of valuable volumes, many of them published, like this one, by Gun Digest Books. This is the 4th edition of a book first published in the early 2000s, and this latest version just came out in 2015. It has been expanded with whole new chapters and updated throughout its 384 pages. The 4th edition is significantly superior to the 3rd.

5. Guerrilla Gunsmithing: Quick And Dirty Methods For Fixing Firearms In Desperate Times (From $75.33)

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At Amazon

This small book of 160 pages was published in 2001 by Paladin Press. It is a DIY book that comes in handy for emergency repairs. While the contents are not necessarily “mainstream” as far as gunsmithing literature is concerned, they are certainly unique and entertaining. In some situations, the suggestions found here will be quite practical. In others, it might be safer to avoid them unless a true emergency actually arises.


Mod your Taurus PT 90 TWO with these accessories

Choose from various modifications for your Taurus PT 90 TWO, including holsters, parts, sights, magazines, grips, lasers, lights and cleaning utilities.

Taurus PT 90 TWO parts

Parts for Taurus PT 90 TWO

Your Taurus PT 90 TWO can be dismantled to parts. These parts can be changed if you need to upgrade performance or just need to modify the handgun to your liking. Dismantling and assembling should be done with caution or by the hands of professionals to prevent a risk of malfunctions or accidents. Check article below about spare part options and upgrades for your Taurus PT 90 TWO.

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